Q & A

How long is it going to take? This would depend on the scale of the project and many other factors.

Can a client occupy their building while it’s being worked on? The client, can occupy the building only if it is safe for them to be in there.

What happens if the customer wants to modify a design during construction? If the design needs to be modified there would be a cost required to do so.

What if the your company breaks something during construction - will they pay for it? Anything that Madewell Services breaks would be repaired or replaced at on cost to the customer.

Is your company responsible for cleanup after the project is finished? Job sites are messy at times but, with that said, we would be reasonable for the clean up and haul away of trash.

What payment methods does your company accept? All major credit cards; via Pay-Pal Credit Card strip and chip reader, Checks are okay (no postdated) ones and Cash. All payments are do at the times and on the terms of the contract.

Professional Home Improvement Specialist
Professional Home Improvement Specialist